A more personalized approach to medicine can save lives and reduce medication-related side effects.

Pharma-Testing-CoverWith 38-75 percent of medications not working as they are intended to, the reality is that a significant portion of the variation in drug reactions may be due to genetics.

Fortunately, pharmacogenomics (PGx) offers an affordable alternative to the inefficient trial and error of current prescription medication treatment.

Laboratories and healthcare institutions that embrace PGx testing can offer better outcomes, lower costs, and a more personalized experience.

Download this whitepaper, Pharmacogenomics Testing: Harnessing the Power of Genetic Data for Personalized Medicine, to learn more about:

  • An Overview of Pharmacogenomic Testing
  • Improving Patient Outcomes
  • Paying for Pharmacogenomic Testing
  • Ingredients for Successful Pharmacogenomics Program Launch
  • Using a Service to Accelerate Your Pharmacogenomics Program
  • Looking to the Future

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