A more personalized approach to medicine can save lives and reduce medication-related side effects.

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing is a relatively recent innovation in care and has brought with it the hope of utilizing genetic information to better tailor medical interventions.An Economic Evaluation of Pharmacogenomic Testing

While the widespread use of PGx testing poses a significant potential benefit to the health system, our understanding of the cost-effectiveness of PGx testing is still maturing.

This whitepaper, An Economic Evaluation of Pharmacogenomic Testing, covers current knowledge surrounding PGx testing with regard to cost-effectiveness and highlights where evidence clearly supports its use.

Key Takeaways:

  • The analysis of six studies performed on medicated patients
  • Pharmacogenomics’ relevance to a large portion of the population
  • The cost-effectiveness and even cost savings of genotype-guided strategies
  • Why pharmacogenomic testing is quickly becoming a new standard of care when prescribing medication

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