Streamlining Success: How Spartan Labs Accelerated Turnaround Times with Translational Software

Spartan Pic 2How Spartan Labs transitioned from sending PGx samples to a reference lab to an efficient in-house PGx testing program.  

Like many labs considering adding PGx to their testing menu, Spartan Labs in South Florida had concerns about the upfront costs to launch inhouse PGx testing. Instead of making a sizable investment in equipment, staff and training before ever selling a PGx test, Spartan partnered with a reference lab utilizing Translational Software as their reporting solution. This arrangement allowed Spartan to offer PGx testing to their client base without any substantial upfront investment. 

Using a reference lab for PGx testing was working well initially for Spartan Labs, but as demand for PGx testing grew overtime the case for bringing PGx testing in-house became stronger. In time, Spartan came to the conclusion that with a well established demand for PGx from their clients bringing testing in-house would help cut both costs and turn around times.  

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