A Lab Leader’s Guide To Pharmacogenomic Testing

Cloud-Based Software Reporting of PGx for Hospitals, Health Systems and Clinical Laboratories

guide-to-pharmacogenomic-testing-white-paperAlthough the value of PGx testing is abundantly clear, it does present a number of challenges to physicians, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and healthcare institutions. A primary challenge is the difficulty of analyzing the complex amount of information involved in PGx testing and comparing it to the drugs the patient is being prescribed—and then turning that information into actionable intelligence that a busy physician can use to drive good medical care, in a cost-effective, efficient and reliable manner. This FREE downloadable White Paper discusses practical ways in which healthcare providers can hurdle these, and other obstacles, and will provide you with a detailed discussion regarding the importance of PGx testing in today’s healthcare environment. After reviewing it, you will possess a greater understanding of the obstacles physicians, laboratories and hospitals face when launching a pharmacogenomics program, how PGx testing can be used to drive patient care, and the important role cloud-based software can play in making PGx testing a practical and cost-effective solution.

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