Translational Software Partners With Allscripts to Provide Pharmacogenomic Testing Service For Associates

New End-to-End Program Offers Free Pharmacogenomic Testing to Help Associates Make Informed and Personalized Healthcare Decisions

BELLEVUE, Wash.—Feb. 11, 2019—Translational Software is excited to announce its partnership with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (, a leader in practice management and electronic health record technology. The collaboration will provide free pharmacogenomic testing to all U.S.-based Allscripts associates.

When associates undergo a lengthy process of trial-and-error prescribing, employers suffer the cost as well. Pharmacogenomic testing can help provide personalized guidance to individuals on medication efficacy and dosage, which results in improving medication adherence, increasing worker productivity and reducing work absenteeism. With studies demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenomic-informed treatment, Allscripts recognized the value of associate wellness, satisfaction and engagement in their overall health.

Translational Software has partnered with the telehealth company PWN Health ( and Allscripts subsidiary 2bPrecise ( to automate a new end-to-end pharmacogenomic health care benefit program. The new program is run on a user-friendly portal built by Translational Software, where associates can place an order. PWN approves the order and sends out a testing kit. Once the kit is sent back by the associate, it is then routed to a testing laboratory in the Translational Software network selected by Allscripts. The laboratory performs the test and sends the interpreted results back to the portal, where they are accessible by the associate. If an associate is interested in counseling on how to interpret their results, PWN offers telehealth sessions with a healthcare professional.

”Allscripts and 2bPrecise are forging a new path in the pharmacogenomic industry by offering a comprehensive, end-to-end testing program to its associates,” stated Don Rule, CEO and co-founder of Translational Software. “They have a strong understanding of the value of precision medicine and are demonstrating their commitment to employee satisfaction with this rollout.”

Translational Software is building an ecosystem of laboratories, health professionals, independent software vendors and employers to coordinate and deliver comprehensive, personalized care. As a leading expert in the field, Translational Software can help employers understand and deliver an evidence-based pharmacogenomic benefit to their associates through custom programs similar to this one.

“Translational Software understands pharmacogenomic testing better than anyone else in the field, and they were able to create a platform that seamlessly delivered on our vision,” added Dr. Joel Diamond, chief medical officer and co-founder of 2bPrecise. “We look forward to seeing the value this new service provides to our associates.”

Employers interested in an end-to-end pharmacogenomic program can request a consultation with Translational Software on its website at the following link:  

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