RXVIP Concierge Partners With Translational Software To Deliver Pharmacogenomics

Alliance Positions Pharmacists to Follow the Path To Precision Medicine

Westbury, NY — RXVIP Concierge, a healthcare solutions company made up of pharmacists and students of pharmacy, based in Westbury, New York, has partnered with Bellevue, Washington based Translational Software (TSI), to provide clinically relevant PGx recommendations that will ensure improved patient care while reducing the risk of adverse drug reactions.

RXVIP Concierge Service Providers (CSPs) will be trained to translate complex genetic data quickly and test result reports to give clinicians the power to provide better care through precision medication management. As a partner, RXVIP Concierge will be able to deliver easy to understand guidance to clinicians and patients for enhanced therapeutic care. Over the coming months, RXVIP Concierge will provide strategic services and targeted business development initiatives to help Translational Software achieve its goals for further patient and provider engagement and greater industry acceptance and awareness of pharmacogenomic testing in the health care market.

Translational Software is driving a paradigm shift in the healthcare continuum by bringing a single platform to market where laboratories, healthcare providers, physicians, patients, independent software vendors and app developers can work in synchrony to democratize pharmacogenomics. Their Precision Health Nexus brings all of the stakeholders involved together via an integrated network of partners.

With the RXVIP Concierge patient care model plus collaborative business agreements with patients’ health care providers, this new alliance will deliver value-based services at the point of care in physician offices, independent pharmacies and community settings.

Combining this PGx solution with the RXVIP Concierge 'virtual pharmacy,' CSPs can work directly with patients to provide wellness assessments, screenings and an extensive assortment of genetic tests that will lower the risk of adverse drug reactions. CSPs will also be able to dispense care, compassion and empathy instead of filling prescriptions to be paid for the professional services they provide to patients.

"With their experience in the healthcare market, developed over the years with superior senior level management, Translational Software is accelerating the use of genomic data for smarter, more comprehensive healthcare solutions, unmatched in the market today," said Crystal Cruz, PharmD, RXVIP Concierge Executive VP/Chief Operating Officer. "We have seen their team deliver best practices that will help us advance our efforts to enhance the role of the pharmacist by incorporating PGx into their practice. We are excited to be partnering with them to advance patient care pharmacists, but especially with the next generation of providers entering our profession as PharmD graduates who can be advocates for these life-saving tests."

"Pharmacists are the key to democratizing pharmacogenetics," said Don Rule of Translational Software. "They have the training and predisposition to optimize medication solutions, but they are actively looking for opportunities to practice to the limit of their professional license. RXVIP’s unique business model for building a collaborative solution with patients, pharmacists, and physicians is an exciting approach where the solution is more than the sum of its parts."

About Translational Software: Translational Software enables healthcare providers to realize the promise of precision medicine. Its solutions simplify complex genetic data into evidence-based actionable recommendations to deliver genomic decision support in platform-agnostic formats. Translational Software's pharmacogenomic knowledge base and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR)-based API have been used to provide over one million PGx recommendations. For more information, visit www.translationalsoftware.com.

About RXVIP Concierge: RXVIP Concierge has a vision of enhancing the role of pharmacists in the health care continuum. As an advocate for provider status for our profession, RXVIP Concierge has created a paradigm shift in the way pharmacists can practice at the height of their license by working at the point of care, right in physician offices. The concept of Pharmacy Friday was developed to guide pharmacists, PharmDs and students of pharmacy on a pathway to become Concierge Service Providers (CSPs) who can then take a day off from retail to deliver a suite of clinical value-based services. CSPs are then paid for the consultations that they deliver to patients as true health care providers. For more information visit www.rxvipconcierge.com. Follow us on Instagram @theconciergepharmacist.