How long does it take to get started with your products?

PGxPopulation or PGxPortal as standalones—without integration into other systems—can be configured in two days or less. Configuring an HL7 interface typically takes less than one week, including exchanging configuration information and setting up the interface. API integrations are as quick as you can write code, and some take less than one month.

Can you report on CYP2D6 gene fusions as well as copies?

When a lab is testing the proper analytes, we can detect CYP2D6 hybrid alleles.

What genetic analyzers do you support?

We support virtually every testing technology, including Illumina, Thermo Fisher, Agena, Luminex, and Fluidigm. We can readily accommodate other platforms, too.

What is your pricing structure for reporting?

Typically there is a minimum monthly fee that covers a basic number of reports. Beyond that, there is a per-report fee, which declines based on volume.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We review our security policies rigorously and continuously improve the system.

Can I install your system in my facility?

No, our platform is a cloud-based system only.

What is the source of your knowledge base?

There are many sources for our knowledge base, including CPIC, DPWG, European consortia, and FDA labels. We continuously monitor newly published literature and rigorously review the evidence to curate the knowledge base.

How often do you update the knowledge base?

Major updates are issued quarterly (roughly) and minor updates are done when new recommendations are released.