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    With Translational Software, advance the role of PGx as the standard for medical care by providing clinicians with actionable reports with the most appropriate treatments. Learn more about PGx for laboratories

High-Impact Reporting

Translational Software partners with laboratories to deliver clinically relevant reports that are easy for physicians to use. Our solution not only enables laboratories to deliver relevant clinician guidance, but also delivers efficiencies in cost and reduced time to market.

Panel Definition

Lean on our scientific expertise to define testing panels or augment existing panels relevant to your clinicians.

Expanded Market

With Translational Software’s Precision Health Nexus, access healthcare institutions and telehealth providers as potential partners.

Streamlined Implementation

Order, receive, and report on genetic intelligence without developing intensive pharmacogenomic expertise in-house or adding complicated IT infrastructure.

Secure Delivery

Satisfy HIPAA, CLIA, CAP, and other requirements by bringing knowledge to your clinicians through our secure web portal or an EHR.


With our Precision Health Nexus, partner with networked application providers whose applications enable entrepreneurial laboratories to form an end-to-end solution to compete for business in an advanced healthcare setting.

Cost Savings

Our solution reduces time to market, offers efficient interpretation, and decreases turnaround time—saving your organization time and money.


How does it work and what is the process

Download an example report from Translational Software.
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Boost Your Laboratory’s Impact

The Costs

Increase Profitability

Translational Software makes it easy to start making your laboratory more profitable and efficient with pharmacogenomic testing, from day one. Our expert team can give you the right tools and setup for success.

  • Compatibility with any testing platform for an instrument-agnostic service offering
  • Expertise in assay selection to ensure clinical relevancy and accuracy of results
  • Bidirectional interface with a LIMS or directly from the instrument platform
  • Customization and branding of reports to the specifications of the laboratory
  • Training services to staff
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Stay at the Cutting Edge

With Translational Software’s PGxPortal, your lab can accept orders, manage the testing process, and provide flexible reporting to give physicians the power to provide better patient care. By providing only clinically relevant pharmacogenomics information to physicians, your lab will not only ensure improved patient care, but also stay current with evolving knowledge, retain existing customers, and attract new ones.

Explore the PGxPortal

Robust Reporting

Translational Software’s rigorously vetted knowledge base enables laboratories to deliver powerful, accurate, and current reports with evidence-based recommendations with primary references. Access to our knowledge base allows laboratories to:

  • Have a robust pharmacogenomics offering without the expensive and time-intensive process of developing that knowledge in-house
  • Deliver the most reliable and up-to-date information for the clinical question at hand
  • Tailor reports as needed and enable a variety of delivery methods
  • Empower dynamic report interactions
  • Audit results by pulling up reference material, if needed

About Us

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Transform genetic test results into actionable insight and improve patient outcomes with our clinical decision support solutions.

What People Say

  • "Translational Software has taken the pioneering step of implementing the first pharmacogenomics solution that employs FHIR genomics for optimizing the prescription of patient medications, and has been a real leader in this arena."


    Gil Alterovitz, Ph.D., a Harvard Medical School professor and co-chair of HL7’s Clinical Genomics Work Group

  • "Integrating Translational Software’s PGx knowledge base within our e-prescribing platform allows us to deliver an in-workflow, evidence-based approach to medication prescribing that can be used as part of routine care."


    President of DrFirst