Recording Date: November 14th
Presenter: Houda Hachad, Pharm.D., Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Translational Software

Summary of Webinar

Despite an increasing enthusiasm for implementing clinical pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing across several institutions, stakeholders are still facing hurdles for service expansion and sustainability. Drawing from our experience in providing PGx services, we discuss characteristics that shape the current implementation landscape and discuss some of the challenges and our solutions to support standardization efforts and updated knowledge.


About the Presenter

Houda-HachadHouda is an entrepreneurial scientist with deep experience in pharmacology and pharmacogenetics. At the University of Washington, she co-developed two knowledge-based technologies, a drug interaction database (DIDB) and a pharmacogenetics database (e-PKGene©). Both leverage revenue-based funding and are widely used by pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and academic institutions worldwide.