Recent Developments in Pharmacogenomics

For more than a decade, a robust body of evidence has progressively unveiled drug-genome interactions with important implications for health. Yet doctors and many health-care systems have been slow to implement

A Summary of the Latest CPIC 2019 Conference

The latest CPIC 2019 conference drew a diverse community of more than 200 attendees. The participants were mostly pharmacists (89) and laboratory professionals (102), confirming that successful implementations of

What You Need To Know About These 3 Newly Approved Drug-Genome Interactions

In 2018, 59 new medications earned FDA approval. Multigene pharmacogenomics (PGx) panels can safely prescribe three of these new drugs to prevent unnecessary toxicities and drug-genome interactions. A decade ago,

Exploring the Knowledge and Perspectives of US Payers on Preemptive Pharmacogenetic Testing

When it comes to wide-scale adoption of pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing, reimbursement has been one of the industry’s biggest roadblocks. This is especially true when it comes to the preemptive testing model. While

A Global Perspective on Consumer and Healthcare Genomics

I was honored to be invited by Illumina to speak at their Consumer and Healthcare Genomics Summit in Bangkok on May 8. Illumina had assembled an eclectic group of their experienced customers as well as vendors that