How One Company Is Improving the Health and Wellness of Its Employees with PGx Testing

PGx TestingTranslational Software is excited to be collaborating with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, a leader in practice management and electronic health record technology. Under this new partnership, Translational Software will help provide free pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing for U.S.-based Allscripts associates.

Here’s why Allscripts decided to take advantage of PGx testing and how it is improving the health and wellness of Allscripts associates.

Translational Software: The PGx Experts

A one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare is quickly becoming obsolete. The future of disease treatment and prevention lies in precision medicine—an approach to medical decision-making that considers the differences between individuals, particularly genetic variations.

An important cornerstone of this new approach to medicine is PGx testing. PGx testing can help healthcare providers determine the optimal medication regimen for a patient based on their genetic profile. Test results can determine whether a specific medication will be effective, ineffective, or even harmful for a patient.

But interpreting test results can be tricky. That’s why Translational Software offers a unique technology platform that simplifies complex PGx data into evidence-based, actionable recommendations to ensure effective patient care.

With Translational Software, employers like Allscripts can help their associates make personalized and informed medication decisions.

Breaking Free from Trial-And-Error Prescribing

If an individual is diagnosed with a condition, their doctor will most likely prescribe a standard treatment.

But when it comes to prescription medications, everyone responds a bit differently. One person may respond well to the medication. Or they may not respond at all. Even worse, they may experience severe side effects. In the last two cases, they have to go back to their doctor, who chooses a different medication and hopes it’ll be more effective.

This outdated approach is called trial-and-error prescribing. For employees, this can lead to multiple rounds of different prescriptions, more sick days, and a decrease in productivity. And it's the employers who must bear the cost.

But with a PGx testing program in place, your employees can break free from trial-and-error prescribing and get personalized guidance on medication efficacy and dosage.

PGx Testing: A Cost-Effective Strategy

As you may have guessed, PGx testing isn’t just clinically effective. Studies are now emerging that show PGx-guided treatment is both cost-effective and cost-saving when compared to alternative strategies like trial-and-error prescribing. Moreover, the cost-saving advantages of PGx-guided treatment will continue to grow as genetic testing becomes less expensive and more widely available.

New Collaboration, New Platform

To provide Allscripts associates with a simple and easy way to get their PGx test results, Translational Software partnered with the telehealth company PWN Health and Allscripts subsidiary 2bPrecise to automate a new PGx testing program. The new program runs on a user-friendly portal built by Translational Software.

Allscripts associates just need to go to the website and order a testing kit. When the testing kit arrives, they collect a genetic sample by swabbing the inside of their mouth. Then associates mail back their testing kit, which gets routed to one of the testing labs in Translational Software’s network. At the lab, technicians analyze the sample and send interpreted results back to the portal.

Employees can access their results through the online portal and share them with their doctor. If employees are interested in extra guidance and counseling, they can hop on a teleconferencing call with a healthcare professional provided by PWN.

Empower Your Employees with PGx Testing

PGx testing is a powerful tool that can allow your employees to make more personalized and informed decisions about their prescription medications.

With a broad network of labs, health professionals, and independent software vendors, Translational Software helps businesses understand and deliver PGx testing to their employees through custom programs like the one designed for Allscripts.

If you’re an employer, this testing capability is available and ready for customization. Request a consultation so you can offer the power of PGx to your employees.